Boxee Beta Updates With Over 500 Of Squashed Bugs

Boxee Beta Updates With Over 500 Of Squashed Bugs

Windows/Mac/Linux: If you’ve been using the recently released Boxee Beta media centre but found it to be a bit on unusable side of buggy (at least one Lifehacker writer felt that way), good news: Boxee just released an update to Boxee Beta, and while the update doesn’t have any new features, it’s overflowing with bug fixes (over 500 resolved issues in total). A few highlights among the fixes:

  • Significantly improved video quality of our DXVA support
  • Regained support for older graphics cards (pre-2.0 pixel shader) which was broken after move to DXVA
  • Improved file scanning performance
  • Playlist playback of internet video streams was sometimes using the music player instead of the video player

28 days later. a new version of the Boxee Beta. [Boxee Blog]


  • Meh. I am going to switch from Boxee to XBMC on my AppleTV, since the Boxee Beta is actually more unstable that the Alpha ever was (I don’t know how the heck that works, I thought that when software moved from Alpha to Beta it was supposed to be better ???). And I’m not impressed with the bait and switch performed on AppleTV users, three weeks ago on the boxee forums we were assured that they were working on a version for AppleTV and then we get this: One thing that remains not addressed is AppleTV support for our Beta. Unfortunately, as AppleTV support was not created by us, we have no control or insight when, if ever, it will be fixed.
    What a crock!

    • It’s free software that you’re not paying for (I hope), you really don’t have any right to be angry about the Boxee community failing to deliver on a deadline.
      I prefer xbmc anyway.

    • I did the same thing, cept with my media pc. While boxee was good, it was just too buggy, especially with the media scanning. I had movies like Adventureland showing up as Kung Fu Panda, and The dark Knight and The Incredible Hulk also showing up under kung fu panda. Then things like Race to witch Mountain showing up as the 40 yr old virgin, wasnt really logical. I will install this on my desktop and make it scan my movies and such and see if it actually scrapes them correctly, but if not, media pc is sticking with XBMC, especially if they havnt fixed the bug with the & symbol in file names.

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