Aussies Are World’s Biggest Social Networking Addicts

Aussies Are World’s Biggest Social Networking Addicts

We’ve already seen evidence that Australians are big on Twitter, and now new data suggests that when it comes to social networking, we’re the keenest nation in the world.

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A new study of social media usage by Nielsen suggests that Australians spend an average of 6 hours 52 minutes a month — the highest in the world. The overall global average was 5 hours 35 minutes.

While that might sound like quite a large figure, it averages out at less than 15 minutes a day for Aussies, which isn’t a huge amount if (say) the person involved is spending a large amount of time playing Mafia Wars. Indeed, it’s not even a huge amount compared to the length of many phone calls, which might be something to consider the next time a colleague accuses you of wasting too much time on Twitter. (Of course, you could also point out the reasons why the service is actually useful.)

Nielsen [via Mumbrella]


  • i love social media but i think sometimes it can get fairly addictive so i’m very conscious of the time i spend on sites such as twitter and make sure that i’m there for a reason and not just constantly refreshing to see what everyone else is doing

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