AudioBox Puts Your Music Library In The Cloud

AudioBox Puts Your Music Library In The Cloud

When you bop between your work and home computers all the time, it’s tough keeping your favourite music at your fingertips (“Which computer has my Once More, With Feeling soundtrack on it?”) AudioBox lets you listen to your music from anywhere.

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AudioBox is a web-based media player that puts your music (and, eventually, movies) in the cloud so you can access it from any computer with an internet connection and standard browser. Just upload your favourite media files to AudioBox’s secure server, and stream them anytime you want to hear one of your favourite tunes. In fact, you can also access your music via your mobile browser (the company says an official iPhone app is in the works).

Uploading files is easy-peasy. Just locate music on your computer’s hard drive and send files to AudioBox in batches or one at a time. Create and delete playlists, shuffle and repeat songs, or filter by artist, song or genre. The app supports drag and drop, so organising your media files is a snap.

Currently AudioBox is free while it’s in beta, and you’re limited to 250MB of storage with file size limits of 50MB. Once the service is ready for prime time, various pricing plans will let you buy more storage and upload larger files.

AudioBox is still a little buggy during the testing phase and, of course, you shouldn’t use it to store files that are super-important to you. If you’re looking for a way to grab some your favourite music whenever the mood strikes though, then AudioBox is definitely worth checking out.

What are some ways you access your media files remotely? Share what works for you in the comments.

AudioBox [via Appscout]


  • Hi,

    I use


    The Good

    – Free for web streaming, mobile phone streaming
    costs a small amount (1 time payment)
    – Unlimited uploads (at no cost) !!
    – Good sound quality

    Not so Good
    – Didn’t like my big mp3 files
    – Some smaller tracks wouldn’t play for me.

    Overall, considering the unlimited upload limit and good streaming sound quality for no cost (i.e. web streaming) is great. My uploads are also free thanks to my ISP, this helps. cheers SF

  • I’m naturally biased of course, because at Psonar we’re offering a similar service (with unlimited free storage).

    However, it looks like this year will see more people entering into the market for freeing up the music collection you already own by moving it into the cloud vs. last years crop of streaming solutions such as spotify. As any beatles fan can testify, there are limits to what a streaming service can offer in terms of access to artists and there are also technical issues with the apparent convenience of streaming.

    We believe
    music ownership is here to stay!

  • Hi,

    I use

    The good
    *no upload limit
    *handles files of all sizes
    *moves music between your devices (i.e. it’s more than just an upload-your-tracks-to-the-cloud service)
    *streaming to all internet-enabled devices
    *rather distinctive branding!

    the bad
    *no social as yet

  • Psonar is an alternative – it’s free and has no limit on storage. You can stream or download your music from the Cloud to any internet connected devce – although streaming is limited to 12 hours per week on the free service (unlimited on the £4 per month subscription version).

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