Apple Removes All “Sexy” Apps From The iPhone App Store

Apple Removes All “Sexy” Apps From The iPhone App Store

Late last week, Apple removed all content from the App Store matching a new set of rules to remove apps containing women and men in swimsuits, apps showing skin, or apps oozing with innuendo, according to one of the affected developers.

While broadly speaking we’re not that concerned about whether or not you can download apps with PG-13 images, it’s yet another reminder that Apple controls everything you can do on their latest slate of devices — and we don’t like it. Chillifresh via TechCrunch]


  • Who cares if you don’t like it. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Stop whinging becuase YOU can’t have something you want and the manufacturer doesn’t make it for you. They don’t have to make it or make it available if they don’t want and you can vote on their descisions with your money. Buy something else if its better. Sorry, I just had to get that out. I’m just sick of teenagers and nerds who are so selfish they think they should have everthing their way and whine when they can’t get it.

    Yes, Apples policies are questionable sometimes, but I don’t mind this sort of trash being removed. There might be more to it though then just PG-13 ratings. If you check the App store, there are still playboy and other such applications. Perhaps there are questionable things done by this particular developer who is complaing so loudly.

    If your really hard up for porn, go to an adult book store for goodness sake.

    Better yet, stop being a total nerd and get a girlfriend.

    • Bernie, I think you may have missed the point. I doubt that the guys at Lifehacker or TechCrunch or the dev Chillifresh were so hard up for porn that they needed to get an app for that.

      I think the point may have been that Apple’s App store dictatorship is getting a bit ridiculous, especially when there are still app’s from Playboy and Swimsuit Illustrated.

      The inconsistency seems to be the real sticking point. Why is this app allowed and this one not? the dev says the basically isn’t any firm guidlines for devs to work by. After reading the article at TechCrunch (Did you do that Bernie? Or did you just spout an uninformed rant?) it’s pretty easy to understand the devs frustration.

    • Bernie, there are two problems with your vitriolic response.

      Firstly, sure, they don’t have to make it available to me if they don’t want to, given the way they control the app store, but this is censorship at the worst. Who is to say what is right and what it wrong, or whats is good, and what is trash? You? Who are you to tell me what is good, and what is trash? Nobody.

      Secondly, although I’m okay that Apple wants a single purchase point for apps for their beloved iphone. What irks me is that I paid good money to OWN a device that I should be able to do whatever I want with, and to have apple tell me, “oh you paid for the device, but you don’t really own it because we are going to control not only the security of the device, but the content as well” is beyond reproach. Whats to stop them from deciding that they don’t like something else, for example, lets say Twitter, and removing all twitter applications? Or anything else? Nothing, and thats what annoys me to no end.

      Finally, if you are going to have a rant, and say that we who disagree with this are wrong, be accountable. Provide a link to some, any, place where we can find you, and hold you accountable. Its not hard.

      • I’m probably vitriolic, because I’m tired of so many people complaining about features not coming available on Apple products. At this point I should say I use Windows and Apple about 50/50 and some linux, I’m not fixated on any one product, I use what suits at the time. I was shocked that people gave out so much hate when the iPad was announced becuase it didn’t have flash or carry a camera. It’s crazy, this fanatic behaviour. Yes the consumer owns the product. But you shouldn’t demand features. Buy something that suits your needs if product A doesn’t fit.

        Digital TV’s could be enhanced after you buy them. They aren’t, but no one complains. If I look around the house at most of the things I’ve bought, I’ve never thought it crazy that someone didn’t provide EVERY accessory for them. Yet here with the iPhone that is exactly what is happening. Did you make these complaints with your old Motorola, Sony Ericsson or Nokia.

        You just expect that because it’s a smartphone it should be treated the same as a fully computer. Its not a fully fledged computer. It’s a device.

        Why can’t people just be thankful that Apple updates the OS for free and provides extra features. I never had that with my Nokia. Can’t you be thankful that there are so many apps available.

        No you can’t. And I believe its an issue with the current generation that demands too much, is too greedy and too selfish.

      • I just read Phil Schillers reply to the removal of sexually related material. And I have to agree that Apples position is very odd. I’m not against censorship if its appropriate, but this does smell of double standards.

        Rules and guildelines should be clear and consistant. It seems Apple keeps changing the game.

        I guess I was wrong on the porn issue of my argument.

  • Rubbish. They have not removed all such apps. They have removed all such apps from ‘small developers’ with which apple does not have an ‘agreement’. Swimsuit illustrated is notable for it’s continued inclusion (and promotion on apple’s site). Apple suck.

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