ABC Rolls Out Local News Sites

If you live in regional Australia, your local news options are somewhat constrained (and often shrinking). The ABC has gone some way to addressing that problem with its new local sites, which provide news, weather and broadcasting information for a range of regional areas.

Enter your postcode into the site and it will direct you to the appropriate local page, with a mixture of news headlines, weather, upcoming events and ABC radio schedules (and links to content which is relevant across the country). The depth of coverage inevitably varies depending on the area — ABC Sydney has somewhat more content than ABC New England — but in an increasingly homogenous media environment, it's a useful service.

ABC Local


    Now can they fix their HD transmission so that we get the local news service not the Sydney one!

    Aussie tax dollars at work.

    I would have preferred lower taxes on VB, because then I wouldn't care about the news anyway.

    I don't ask for much- but would it really be that much harder for them to include RSS support, so I can just scan the headlines for my region?

    Ditto the RSS.

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