ABC Had 47 Million Downloads Last Year

ABC Had 47 Million Downloads Last Year

According to ABC managing director Mark Scott, the ABC had 47 million podcast and vodcast downloads last year. The clear message to all the other commercial radio and TV networks? There’s a lot of people who want downloads. Get your act together! [Mark Scott]


  • I agree thank you ABC for leaving the commercial television companies behind. They have started to offer their own service(Half arsed at that) but until they have a full screen option like ABC they are just paying lip service.

    Why hasn’t hulu (USA) been copied yet. From what I have heard they offer all TV show via the web at all times (no 2 week catch up either) Surely their business model must be profitable or they would not be doing it. Time to wake up channel 7 9 10. You are not treating your customers right and I will not be watching TV other than that rented from the video store until you catch up with your customers. For the copyright owners you should be paying attention to where you consumers are heading and catch up.

    Hell, 2.99 an episode via itunes is ridiculous. $70 for a season of Buck Rogers you have got to be kidding. $1 and i would think about it (proof is in the .99c weekly movie sales).

  • I’m one that uses it everyday. ABC’s iView is a great ‘catch up’ service, particularly for News and Current Affairs. Heck, you can even keep up to date with ‘The Bill’.

  • Come on MS, bring out iView for 360!

    I use iView only occasionally, but it’s a great service.
    I also Podcast an array of ABC content!
    Gruen and Chaser for Videocasts
    and The Science Show, National Interest and Background Briefing for Audiocasts.
    Educational, very interesting and when I can and want to listen/watch them.

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