60% Of TV Viewers Now Ready For Digital

Digital TV takeup continues to slowly grow ahead of the projected 2013 switchover for all of Australia.

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Arguably a more notable statistic than the national figure is the conversion rates for the Mildura/Sunraysia, which will be the first region to switch over completely at the end of June this year. Right now, its conversion figure is 79% — a healthy number, but one which still means one in five households have no digital TV capacity four months out from the change. Look for a lot more complaining about that sector closer to the date.

More Australians making the switch to digital TV DBCDE [via The Australian]


    We haven't bothered. We might get a digital TV or set-top box in 2013, or we might not. We watch very little on TV anyway - mostly, we watch DVDs. Very occasionally, we watch something on ABC or SBS, but we can get most of that online.

    Of course some of us can't see it, even with digital TV's.

    The only time I watch free to air is when the cricket is on WIN (nine network). Otherwise I always watch Austar. I can't stand the commercials and the only good free to air channels are ABC and SBS, which are also on Austar.

    The thing is though, cricket in 4x3 on a widescreen tv sucked, so I ended up buying a cheap set top box.

    Maybe if we all had a digital option, uptake would be quicker! Where is SC TEN and ONE in the 2622 region. If the stations got in the game maybe the public would pick up their act!

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