YouTube Music Discovery Builds You A Playlist

YouTube's most popular feature is music videos, but using it to run a stream of background music requires a bit of work. The newly-launched Music Discovery feature makes that easier, building you a playlist based on artist suggestions.

It's pretty simple to operate: just enter the artist name and YouTube will build a playlist including material from that performer and acts it deems similar. In practice, you'll get a lot of material from the suggested musician, but that's still a pretty useful tool for quickly assembling a playlist to listen to while you work, or groove to as Friday office drinks approach.

YouTube Music Discovery [via Google Operating System]


    You know what would be good? If this site allowed you to generate a random playlist with most popular music - would be perfect for a party!

    It would be good if all of the tracks were the same volume. I just tried it out and every single track has a different volume, really annoyimg.

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