Wool Felt Cases Give Your Gadgets A Plush Life

Your phone, iPod and other gadgets are cold pieces of future-facing tech, but you love them, right? Give them, and your pockets, a softer touch with Byrd & Belle's wool felt cases, which combine plush linings with modern style.

Byrd & Belle is run by an architecture employee in downtown Minneapolis who found herself sidelined by the economy. Her shop delivers grey wool felt cases for iPods, iPhones, laptops and generic pocket-sized gadgets. There's a unified look to her designs, with brown or black leather straps for each item, though custom orders seem to be accepted. And the straps on the iPod and iPhone cases are functional, tucking your wrapped-around earbuds into place and keeping your device from sliding out of pocket.

So many gadgets are machined in such a way as to leave the impression that no human ever had a hand in making them, and the cases are made to match — shiny, polished, round-edged things meant to either let the device's looks come through, or hide the device in a similar-minded pocket of future-shock materials. Byrd & Belle's cases are the antithesis, looking stylish, sleek and unique, while offering a softer touch and warmer looks than the standard black accessory.

Want to try your hand at your own custom felt cases? Rosa previously showed us how to print and fold our own customisable iPhone case that can be modified for any smartphone design. Design*Sponge has a felt glasses case tutorial that can easily be adapted for other objects, and, well, the list goes on if you Google for "Felt" and "DIY case".

Byrd & Belle's cases start at a reasonable $US8 and range up to $US82. Given that it's an Etsy crafter just catching up after a holiday hiatus — and, well, given this post — your order may have to hold a while before shipping.

Modern Wool Felt - Byrd & Belle [Etsy via Unplggd]


    Foof is another alternative. Australian and significantly cheaper.


    or get some wool fibre from spotlight or equivalent and make your own felt. All you need is an old post pac or square of bubble wrap.

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