WineBottler Turns Windows Programs Into OS X Applications

Mac only: Wine has always been popular among Linux users for running Windows programs, but Wine is available for Mac, too — and now, free utility WineBottler can "bottle" Windows programs into separate application bundles that run as standalone Mac apps.

To use WineBottler, just download a Windows EXE, then drag and drop it onto the WineBottler app. You can install them in a fake C: drive located by default in your home folder, just as you would on Linux, and run them from there easily. However, if you want to create a standalone application bundle (so that you can give a Windows program to a fellow Mac user, for example), WineBottler will create a separate bundle with Wine included inside, so your friend doesn't have to have Wine installed — the app acts just like any other OS X app.

Note that just like in Linux, not all Windows programs work in Wine — so you'll have to see for yourself if the program you want to convert is compatible. (Notepad++ Portable, in the screenshot above, worked great.)

WineBottler is a free download, Mac OS X only. Thanks, Tristan!



    Agreed - That is way cool...

    Very cool, considering I broke my Darwine with my Snow Leopard upgrade.

    Finally (and hopefully) a standalone app bundle that'll let me run stupid friggin' eTax on my Macs.

    Bad form to followup my own comment, but I just noticed the site is having issues.

    I found a mirror hosting the DMG here, but I don't know if it's the most recent version:

      The site is back up.. probably got hammered by Gizmodo readers yesterday.

        Turns out the link I found is where the dev's site points to anyway.

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