Windows 7 The "Fastest Selling Operating System In History"

According to Microsoft's director of marketing Craig Beilinson, "Windows 7 is by far the fastest selling Operating System in history." And while Beilinson doesn't offer specific numbers, we're not terribly surprised by the claim.

Consider that after only having been out for a few weeks, 41 per cent of US Lifehacker readers were using Windows 7 as their main OS — a number that's likely only grown. We realise the folks who read Lifehacker are often early adopters, but it's still a mind-blowing adoption rate.

[Fast Company via Download Squad


    I wonder how that calculate their sales they break them down into OEM installs and self install kits. That would be interesting to see the breakdown, but I can't see MS releasing this.

    What a great marketing ploy! Don't release a decent consumer OS since XP (2001) and then brag about how fast people want to get rid of Vista by saying 7 is the fastest selling in history! The Nazis couldn't have marketed it better

      Vista should have been called "Windows New XP" then 7 could have been "Windows XP Classic".

      Also, I am calling Godwin's law on you.

    Maybe that's just because they were so desperate to leave Vista. :P

    I'm using 7 as my gaming OS because it was so easy to pirate.

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