Windows 7 Free For Tech Students

Students of any age can score cheaper upgrade copies of Windows 7, but if you're studying in a tertiary subject such as engineering or computer science, you might be able to get the OS for nothing.

If your institution is a member of the MSDN Academic Alliance program, you're entitled to a free copy of Windows 7 Professional. Just how you get that copy depends on the deal your university or TAFE has, but if you're keen to play with Windows 7, it's worth checking. Non-tech students can get free software through the previously mentioned Dreamspark program, but that doesn't currently includes Windows 7.

MSDNAA [via OzBargain]


    I'm at Uni of Syd studying comp science, I got added to MSDNAA a year or so ago, yeah it has win7 pro, vista business, xp pro, visual studio 2005/8 and a few other things.

    How do i check if my uni is part of MSDNAA? and where do i download the OS from?

      You search for your school/uni here.

      I'm not at uni anymore but I think you can download it from the webpage you'll be directed to, so long as you have a username and password from the admin at your school/uni.

    I'v just sent an email to my uni to ask them about it as there is no info about it on their web site. I hope i'm able to get added. Although $50 is pretty cheap for windows so i think i'll grab that if i can't grab the free version. I probably need it anyway seeing as my desktop is running the copy of vista i got with my laptop (as i have fedora installed onto it).

    I got an email to my uni email saying I was added to it. they gave me a username, password and url. pretty self explanatory once you're there.

    Yeah I got this last year - studying electrical engineering at monash...good stuff!!

    there is a search function to check which Uni's offer it. I'm starting Comp Sci @ UWA this year so it'll be great to get some free stuff :D

    I'm not sure if it's still the same, but about 2.5/3yrs ago, we could get Office for free being a student at Uni, but it was only 'valid' while I was a student. Apparently they expected me to pay for it once I left.

    A friend of the family's a teacher and picked up a mega-cheap copy of Adobe CS2 for me.

    The MSDNAA versions released a full month and a half before the release to retail date.

    I had it up and running a long time before it went on sale :)

    Wonder if the SEEK courses are on this list. Had no luck finding them on the search page :(

    thank you very much for posting this. Unfortunate that the uni's in oz don't really advertise it!!

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