Will You Miss Memory Stick?

Sony has announced plans to start producing SD card storage and adding it to some of its devices, which is a major kick in the guts for its own Memory Stick format.

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As I've reported over at APC, Sony hasn't officially said it is giving up on Memory Stick, but its move to offer other formats on its devices doesn't bode well for the future of the format, which has minimal support outside Sony's own equipment. There's not much wrong with Memory Stick from an operational point of view, but SD cards do just the same job, and competition means they're generally a lot cheaper to buy.

But I'm wondering what Lifehacker readers think of the change. Is it a long-overdue move? Share your Memory Stick memories and frustrations in the comments.

Sony admits defeat on Memory Stick [APC]


    Here's hoping they make a Memory Stick Pro II/Micro SD adapter so we can upgrade our PSPs for a reasonable price, eh?

      go to dealextreme, they sell them there.

    I never really minded Memory Stick, everyone just understood it was a "Sony" thing and put up with it. Really though, all we need is one good Flash standard. Long Live SD.

    Now if we can just get rid of those damn xD cards and the non-techie consumer confusion they cause!

    The Memory Stick and it's devices never bothered me in the slightest. What bothered me was that they were mostly in Sony devices and thus made the standard far less popular than SD, which in turn caused the cost of a MS card to be almost twice that of SD. As [doa] has already stated "... all we need is one good Flash standard.".

    those memory sticks have been a pain in the ass..
    It put me off buying many Sony products.
    And yelling at my wife for doing so.

    Best decision Sony could have made.

    I'm a Fan of SONY but the whole Memory stick and the multiple physical formats has been annoying.

    e.g. My laptop has a Memory stick reader but my camera has a memory stick Duo card and they are not compatible. And M2 cards are almost as small as microSD (or TransFlash (TF)) but I think are made for the sake of being different.

    [doa] The only thing bad about xD is that they silently have two versions (higher capacity) that are not backwards compatible.
    At least with SD you can look for SDHC support.

    Memory stick was an extra tax on Sony products, especially cameras. Upgrade the camera : sorry, needs new smaller memory stick. Trash the old stick.

    Now if they could undo their change from mini-USB to custom-connector.

    Well now at least I can again include SONY devices in my thought process when shopping for gadgets.

    Wasn't having a bar of MemoryStick format. But if they start supporting SD then that's good I think.

    They might sell more things to people like me.

    Good. Finally i can buy sony cameras again :-)

    Good riddance memory stick! Always was more expensive than SD cards. Great move Sony. Let other people mass produce the memory and focus on the products.

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