Why Censorship Is Unlikely To Stop With RC Content

Free speech means accepting that stuff will be said that you disagree with, but there's plenty of people who spend their lives complaining about viewpoints or media they don't like. What will those people start doing when Internet content can be blocked via a mandatory censorship scheme?

Censorship blog Somebody Think Of The Children has rounded up a list of Australia's biggest cases of moral panic for 2009. It's a noteworthy list because it demonstrates how hard it is to come up with well-defined community standards that everyone can agree on, and how inconsistently judgements tend to be made about those issues.

It's very hard to believe that the same sort of complaints won't be made about web sites, even if they don't feature content that would be refused classification (the current basis for the government guidelines, but one that's hard to measure as the reasons for banning and indeed the list of banned material won't be made public).

To make your voice heard on this issue, check out our guide to protesting against Internet censorship proposals.

Australia’s 20 Worst Cases of Censorship and Moral Panic in 2009


    wow this is such a good point. All the motherduckin fundamentalist christians and their complaing gonna get ma porn taken down.

    Funny thing is, the more content that gets blocked, will cause more people to get around the filter, causing it to be more of a joke than it already is.

    This mandatory internet filtering is scary. I've just got back from the post office actually, where I posted 226 letters to all members of both houses of parliament. It might not be much, but it's something small that I can do. (I say small, but it did take me about 5 hours to print, staple, fold etc. and work out how to do a mail merge on my new Mac..)

      I'm pretty sure it's linked to in a different post on this issue... But just incase you haven't seen the guide on how to write the most annoying letters possible to your parliamentarians...


    I would like to promote a protest happening nationally in Australia regarding this on the 6th of March. See http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=200213317223&ref=mf for details about the event. If you are serious about bringing attention to this, it might be good to look at.

    This is the worst decision ever made in Australian Government History. Conroy should be praying he never runs into me on the street, then he really will be censored.

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