What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

We do our best to encourage positive change and goal-setting all year around Lifehacker HQ, but that doesn't change the fact that a new year — hell, a new decade —i sn't a great time for a fresh start.

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The first of the year is generally a great time for resolutions, motivation-wise: Many of us have just finished a month-long binge on food, spending, and other pursuits that you wouldn't want to sustain year-round. So to get the ball rolling, we want to hear what about your 2010 resolutions. Personal or professional, financial or fitness, let's hear what you're aiming to improve or accomplish in twenty-ten in the comments.


    Its not a new decade.
    Its the last year of the decade.
    We didnt start with year 0. We started with year 1.
    So, years 1 to 10 is the first decade. 11 to 20 is the second.
    Same as 2000 was the first year of the new millennium. 2001 was.

      Oops, I meant 2000 WASN'T the first year of the new millennium. 2001 was.

    If AD1 was the first year, was the first decade just nine years? Fascinating concept.

      I buy this idea - I accept maths means we should run 01-10, but if mass opinion dictates 00-09, we have to go with it, given the start date is arbitrary anyway.

    Popular opinion is right: A new decade is started at 0. Think of it like this, when a new human is born, it is 0 days, 0 months, 0 years old. It spends the first year of its life reaching 1. When a new decade/millennium is born, it also starts at 0.

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