WebMii Shows You How The Web Sees You

These days performing a vanity search of your own name isn't just about vanity, it's good to know how future employers and dates that Google-stalk you will see you. WebMii can help you get a picture of your online image.

WebMii scours the internet including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo! Search and other search engines and social networks to build a picture of your online identity. You search using your last and first name and specify if you want your search limited to a region like the USA, France or other countries listed, and then WebMii returns a huge laundry list of search results that provide everything from images to social network profiles.

WebMii doesn't know which John Smith you are of course, but that's a strength when you're trying to get a picture of how you would be perceived through an online search. If you're unhappy with the results you'll want to take a peek at previous guides we've shared with you like how to manage your online identity and how to manage your Google reputation.

Have a great way to keep tabs on your online identity? Have a funny story about an online doppelganger? Let's hear about it in the comments.

WebMii [via MakeUseOf]


    Sorry but for the majority of people WebMii is next to useless. If you name is Qxzwed Beendoonspoon then you, or whomever is looking for you, may find relevent results. Otherwise there is way too much noise to pick up a decent signal from the results.


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