Use Gridwall To Organise Your Spaces

Pegboard is pretty awesome when it comes to organising things but you can't deny that it makes most people think of garages and workshops. If you want the versatility of pegboard without the garage-vibe, use grids.

Gridwalls are often seen in retail shops as a way of hanging a variety of goods for display. You can adopt the same use in your home, especially in areas like the kitchen where lots of small implements are routinely taken down for use. Instead using pegboard attachments you'd instead use S-hooks to hang pots, pans and other accessories from the grid. Check out the ReadyMade article below to find a list of places you can buy grids or if you're feeling industrious head down to your local hardware or concrete supplier and pick up some lightweight reinforcing grids. Hit them with some enamel spray paint for a cheap but polished looking grid set.

Have a clever storage hack of your own? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Gridwall Panels as a Modular Kitchen Solution [via Re-Nest]


    very nice, i like it a lot, going to have to try it out for myself!

    Anyone know an Australian supplier?

    It looks so special, the host must be very creative, but I think the person could do more decoration on it, because so far these things are so simple. From it, I know we can use some ordinary thing to make life more beautiful

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