Triple Screens And Cord Free

Cord free might be a tiny exaggeration, but today's featured workspace has cords that are so well managed they might as well not even be there.

Lifehacker reader R1P5AW has a simple but tidy workspace. You'll be hard pressed to see so much as a single cord on his triple Dell monitors. He used black foam pipe-insulation to keep the cords tightly managed and out of sight behind the monitors. Complimenting the "Where are the cords?" motif of his workspace, his keyboard and mouse are wireless, resting on a spacious XTRAC XXL mouse pad. Check out the pictures below to see how he keeps the cords out of sight:

Triple Screens and Cord Free [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    yeah but it's STILL not a Mac.

    Does anyone know where a 'XTRAC XXL' pad can be purchased (preferably online) in Australia?

      Yeah man they ship worldwide I got one. Im in Melbourne.. they are good. They smell like hell when they arrive though since they probably get made to order.

      just google: XTracPads

        Oh hey i forgot... for international purchases you must email the guy and he will create an invoice to your destination.

    Is there no seperation of the media cables from the power cables?
    I thought that would lead to nasty interference?

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