Top 10 Tools For Better Reading, Online And Off

Top 10 Tools For Better Reading, Online And Off

Who has the time to read anymore? You do, if you make the time. It’s easier than you might think, with these tools and tips that find, recommend and format good reading anywhere you want to dive into it.

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10. Make your reading bookmarks stand out

Lifehacker reader leftymcrighty does

9. Read while working out

This Instructables post on a handlebar-mounted book holderOriginal post

8. Speed up your reading

You should savour clever fiction. Your average memo, however, can and should be hacked through at a faster pace. Speed reading guide Kris Madden explains in the video above how voicing out “A-E-I-O-U” or “one, two, three, four” as you read actually cancels out your subconscious tendency to read with your larynx, just below the audible level. This not only moves you quickly through the text, but provides a more visual, memorable read. There are plenty of apps on the web, too, that can help you speed through a particular text and learn to do it on any text: Spreeder, WordFlashReader, and ZAP Reader are just a few. (Original post)

7. Read Better on iPhones with Stanza


6. Find your next read

What Should I Read Next?WhichBookBookArmyGoodReadsWhichBookBookArmy

5. Convert any audio file to an audiobook

easy to convert files to audiobook format

4. Find instructional and how-to PDFs

Search PDFScribdthe ebook search at PDF Search EngineOriginal post

3. Collect articles with Instapaper & Read It Later

Read It LaterextensionInstapaper

2. Get new books for old ones

ZunafishPaperBackSwapBookMoochBookCrossing tagBookMoochBookCrossing

1. Make web text more eye-friendly

ReadabilityClippableReadable AppReadefine DesktopReadabilityReadability 2/ClippableReadable AppReadefine

What web, computer, or other tools do you use to make time for reading, make reading easier, or just find new things to read? Tell us all about your own little library tweaks in the comments.


  • My #1 and only tip for how to improve reading books…

    Audible turned me from someone who read no books/year, to now reading 45-50 per year. The best part is I did NOTHING to create the time needed. Simply by driving to and from work, walking on the beach, cooking, housework, gardening, etc… all things I was doing anyway… I’m now a person who reads a LOT. And good audiobooks are MUCH MUCH MUCH better than dead tree version. A quality reader makes an audio book 10x better than any movie or TV show.

    You too can read 20-50 books / year and not allocate ANY extra time. The only real problem is getting home at night and sitting in the driveway for 20 minutes because my book is so engrossing 🙂

    Audible = WIN !!!

    • I wonder if there has been any research done about audio books versus paper books. For example I find my written English improves quite a bit when I read regularly, however I wouldn’t have thought this translates to audio books. I also find audio books take some of the imagination out of reading as reading a paper book invokes your internal narrator rather than being stuck with the audio books narrator.

  • What got me reading again is Reader for the iPhone. Hands down the coolest ebook app. You don’t even need to install it just go to

    You add your own books, check them our from the library, or you can just copy/paste articles from new york times or anywhere else for that matter. It has auto-scroll, dictionary and nighttime mode (to save your eyes).

  • If you are an avid reader then finding new authors and books to read can be hard, so thanks for pointing to the 4 sites above, 2 I had never seen before. I also like where popular authors can recommend their favourite authors, found some great new writers this way.

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