The Tactical Wallet Is A Wallet And Swiss Army Knife Rolled Into One

Sure the Tactical Wallet holds your credit cards, licence, cash and other wallet-y items. It also packs a built-in compass, tweezers, toothpick, pen, glass breaker and two hidden compartments. It's like if MacGyver made a wallet.

For many, the Tactical wallet comes with a lot of drawbacks. It's a hard-shell wallet, which may be a dealbreaker for some. The size isn't terrible by some wallet standards, at roughly 1.1 inches x 3.6 inches x 4 inches (I've seen plenty just as bad if not worse), but considering our love for the slim wallet, it's not all that back-pocket friendly.

Oh yeah, and it's not exactly cheap at $US125. If you're cool with the size, weight and price, however, the wallet-as-multi-tool idea is functional and fun. Our suggestion: Figure out a way to DIY your own multi-tool franken-wallet for more comfort and without the giant price tag. Ideas in the comments!

TMT Tactical Wallet [via Gizmodo]


    I kept getting smaller and smaller wallets and finding the "extra stuff" just didn't need top be kept. Now I use a bulldog clip, fold of cash with my only credit card in the middle, the 'shrapnel' falls to the bottom of my pocket. Everything else stays in my backpack, or as an App on the iPhone. K.I.S.S.

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