The Lazing Around Workspace

Most of our featured workspaces here on Lifehacker are the result of careful planning aimed at maximum productivity. Today's is the result of a determination to do as little as possible.

Reader Zaphodity sent in what he describes as the "lazy bastard" workspace, comprising a mattress, a desktop PC and monitor, and a printer (we're assuming the dog is optional). While long-term typing lying on your stomach is unlikely to be good for your spine, it does serve as a reminder that the essentials for a computerised workspace don't necessarily need a lot of dedicated furniture.


    Ta for the feature.

      The best thing about this setup is the Pug :)


    Even using that computer lying on the floor would be very uncomfortable.

      So long as your not typing an essay and just surfing the web it's very comfortable.

    Get much dog hair in your computer case?

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