The Glass-Top Desk And Office Overhaul

Today's featured workspace isn't just a huge overhaul and upgrade but it also incorporates many tips and tricks we've covered here at Lifehacker.

Lifehacker reader Kelly Chambers was inspired to overhaul her office, in the process using several tricks we've shared with you here at Lifehacker including going the door-as-desk route, using rope lights for ambient lighting and using rain gutters as cable managers. She offers the following detailed run down of how she overhauled her space:

About 2 months ago I was seriously inspired by Meredith Perdue's post to design a studio that I could really sink my teeth into; starting with building my own door desk. I wanted a French Country feel with a minimalist approach including the best cable management I could muster. I wanted all this for under $US100.

My project began on Craigslist where I found the PERFECT desktop; a 1940s cherry stained door for $US20. Without stripping the it, I painted the door antique white and lightly distressed it. Found the paint at Lowe's "oops counter" for $US2.

Through, I found a sliding glass door which I knew I could use as the glass top to the door. I removed the frame, separated the double panes bad thoroughly cleaned the glass. Spent Zero dollars here folk - and even have a spare overlay!!! I already owned French Country table runner and decided to repurpose it as the cushioning between the glass and the door which also adds a bit of character and interest.

I completed the desk by originally purchasing two $US19 three shelf bookcases at WalFart to add storage and stability. Because I wanted full pass through, I did not apply the cardboard backing. This, unfortunately, proved to be EXTREMELY unsteady which lead me back to Ikea where I bought two VIKA ARTUR trestles ($30/each) that came with a shelf on each leg. Now, it's super stable and VERY nice looking!

The project actually came out to less than $US100... and I got it all done in a month. I adore my new converted dining room turned Studio and my furry kids love it, too!

PS - If you want to see the original design, you can view the photos here.

The Glass-Top Desk and Office Overhaul [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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