TeachingOpenSource.org Explains Open Source Programming

TeachingOpenSource.org Explains Open Source Programming

Open source has bought us some great products, but even if you’re a programming genius, working out how to get involved in a project can be challenging. The TeachingOpenSource.org site offers a wealth of material to help you learn the basics.

The site (highlighted by Australian open source veteran Andrew Tridgell in a presentation yesterday at Linux.conf.au on teaching open source at universities) is designed to assist universities in developing courses that cover the issues associated with open source programming, including both the technicalities involved with maintaining source code contributions from multiple users and (perhaps more importantly) the etiquette involved in collaborative development. There's links to course materials from around the world that can be freely downloaded and other useful resources, as well as an ongoing project to develop an overall open source text book.

Even if you're not planning to run a university course, it's a neat addition to our resources on teaching yourself how to code. Thanks Tridge!


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