(Some) Nokia Phones Get Free Turn-By-Turn GPS Directions

Not wanting to be left behind by the likes of Android, Nokia is today rolling out a free turn-by-turn GPS app for 10 of its phones: the Nokia X6, N97 mini, E72, E55, E52, 6730 classic, 6710 Navigator, 5800 Xpressmusic, 5800 Navigation Edition and 523.

All GPS-enabled phones will eventually be able to download the software, and new Nokia phones shipping in March will come with the service pre-installed. If you've got one of the lucky handsets, you can grab the software update at Nokia's maps site.

via MobileCrunch


    Looks like the normal N97 has this update also now, downloading it as we speak :)

    Just ran the SW update app from my list on the phone.

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