Sikuli Automates Almost Anything Using Screenshots

Windows/Mac/Linux: Ever wanted to write a script for some repetitive task, but don't know how to code? Sikuli makes it possible for pretty much anyone to automate tasks, by telling it what to do with just some screenshots and simple commands.

If it has a GUI, you can probably use it with Sikuli. Sikuli is an open-source scripting app that uses a combination of very simple commands like click, type and wait, and screenshots to tell Sikuli what to manipulate. There's no internal API support, it just searches the screen for the image in the screenshot — meaning you can use it with pretty much anything. Seriously, the world is your oyster.

If any of that sounds at all confusing, watch the video — and if you think it's just too good to be true, try it out. They have tons of tutorials and examples of useful scripts in their documentation, as well, to get your imagination rolling. Although you've probably already thought of at least one thing you want to use this for.

Sikuli is a free download for all platforms.



    I tried this software it is amazing for a user who has little idea on programming..but there is a request can someone tell me where can i get a list of commands which i can use with this click,doubleClick,type,etc where can i get to see all these commands so that i can start making my own programs..and also if someone knows how to make a executable file when you done making your sikuli program..thanks...

      You can find documentation about the commands here:

      To use it as an executable, please see these notes:

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