Save Customer Service Numbers To Guard Against Identity Theft

Credit cards have a phone number on them to call if your card is stolen, but it's kind of difficult to find that number after someone lifts your wallet. Wallet Garden keeps those phone numbers at your fingertips, theft or not.

Wallet Garden is a free, easy-to-use online service that stores only the name and customer service phone number of the companies where you have credit cards — no account numbers or other detailed information required. Once you register at the website, just drop in all the bank contact info you want to remember and save. You can access it later from any computer, anytime.

Wallet Garden is also a great place to store phone numbers for your insurance cards, frequent flyer programs, gym memberships, and all those other assorted cards you have crammed in your wallet. The info is sorted and stored according to category so you can prioritise who you need to call first if you need to contact financial institutions in a hurry.

While we like what Wallet Garden aims to accomplish, you certainly don't need to sign up for yet another website to accomplish the same basic thing. Create a plain text file with the information and put it in your Dropbox (or other file-syncing) folder and you've got the same basic anywhere-accessible information. For a decidedly low-tech approach, use a copy machine. Drop all the cards in your wallet face down on the screen and snag a copy. Then flip all the cards over and grab a second copy. Store both sheets in a safe place so you can pull them out quickly if you need to report lost or stolen cards.

Quick reporting is key to protecting your identity If someone snatches your wallet or purse. What steps do you take to keep the personal information you carry around safe? Share your ideas in the comments. Thanks, Osman!

Wallet Garden [via Get Rich Slowly]


    I use a slightly different method, involving my iPhone.

    Essentially I simply scan both sides of my wallet cards and keep them in a folder (aptly titled Wallet Cards) that syncs to my iPhone using iTunes.

    Given the only time my iPhone is out of my pocket is either when it's in my hands or on my bedside table, I'm not concerned about possible theft of it or the data, but I then have a copy of everything I need, literally at my fingertips.

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