RGBMusicLab Turns Photos Into Music

Windows/Mac: If you've ever wondered what a photo would sound like converted to music, free application RGBMusicLab aims to help you find out — sans the LSD.

RGBMusicLab is a portable application, available for Windows or Mac, that takes the RGB colour values of an image and converts them, based on intensity, into sound. You have a high degree of control over the output of RGBMusicLab. You can adjust the size of the mosaic it creates for pieces of greater or lesser complexity, select from over a hundred instruments and sound effects that the Red, Green and Blue colour values will be represented by, and whether or not the individual colour channels will play independently or harmonise, among other options.

The results won't be a carefully orchestrated concerto, but we certainly had fun loading different types of photos into RGBMusicLab and seeing what the outcome was — Christina Hendrick's photo, seen above, created a dynamic Broadway-musical-esque number and a photo of a tropical beach yielded a piece that started off fast and furious and then slowed to soothing melody. RGBMusicLab is freeware and available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Have a novel tool for turning one media into another? Created a particularly interesting piece with RGBMusic Lab? Let's hear about it in the comments.

RGBMusicLab [via Download Squad]


    Was going to try it out.

    Then it asked for Quicktime.

    ...I deleted it as fast as I could.

    With shift+del.

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