Project Cleanup: Freecycle Is Your Friend

Project Cleanup: Freecycle Is Your Friend

Since the last Project Cleanup post, I’ve thrown out another 10 garbage bags of stuff (with some family assistance) and cleared everything unwanted from my garage. But the biggest step forward has been disposing of an unwanted (and space-consuming) weights bench courtesy of Freecycle.

For those unfamiliar with Freecycle, it’s a simple idea: an online forum (or more accurately, a series of regional forums) where you can give away stuff you don’t want, but which other people might find useful, in your local area. Within 24 hours of listing the bench, I had around a dozen offers to take it off my hands, and a lot more garage space. It beats council cleanup any day, let me tell you, and there’s a bunch more stuff I’ll be redistributing via the same method.


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