Prezi Improves Freestyle Presentations With Simpler Editing

Prezi, the previously featured online editing tool that lets you make zooming, free-flowing presentations, has simplified its editing tool, improved its presentation controls, and made YouTube embedding much more simple in its latest release.

Prezi is the antithesis of the slide-to-slide PowerPoint style. Your presentations are mocked up on a large canvas, with bits of text, images, charts and now videos embedded where you want them, and connected where it makes sense. You can set up a "path" to run through when giving a presentation, creating a kind of Disney-like rail ride through your points, but the real value comes when your audience has a question — zooming back to a point and expanding on it is easy and intuitive, and connecting two points doesn't require a slide hunt.

You can check out a demonstration Prezi below, embedded from the web app's site:

As when it launched, Prezi's basic online editor and offline presentations (on Windows and Mac systems) are free, but removing the Prezi watermark, keeping your Prezi presentations private, and upgrading your storage require a paid plan. If you've used Prezi for a presentation, or like a similar non-linear tool, tell us about it in the comments — and feel free to show off your work by linking it.

Feature Release: New Prezi Editor [ Blog]


    I was really impressed when I first came across Prezi. I thought it would be a great tool to be able to help develop my sales pitches to stand out from those age old powerpoint slide by slide presentations. Not having much of a design background I did struggle a little bit to utilise the capability of prezi and not cause the "motion sickness" of my auidence and clients. I came across and they really helped me get the hang of designing effective prezis that have since helped me win some big pitches. If your keen to take your prezi to the next level I would recommend checking them out.

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