OnTheRoad.to Turns Your iPhone Into A Travel Journal

Keeping a diary when travelling is always wise, but if you've ditched the laptop for security or bulk reasons, it can be hard to maintain. OnTheRoad.to adds a travel diary to your iPhone, using the GPS feature to provide an exact record of where you are while you rave about how great (or terrible) it is.

While you could keep a basic travel diary in any phone note-taking application, OnTheRoad.to adds a number of handy features to ease the process aside from the GPS links, including links to photos and the ability to access the diary online and receive comments from others.

OnTheRoad.to is a free app for iPhone. If you give OnTheRoad.to a spin, tell us how it travels in the comments.

OnTheRoad.to [iTunes Store link]


    I'd like to see a similar app for my Android device.

      Hi Louis,

      We do have an OnTheRoad app for Android. Read the features and see how it works: http://www.ontheroad.to/android.

      Let us know, if you have any other questions!

      Thanks, Michaela from OnTheRoad.to team

    OnTheRoad is also available for Android.

    It would be nice of LH could up the ratio of other mobile device util articles in general. You know there are other phones out there other than iphones?

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