Nexus One On eBay At Ripoff Prices


    The sad thing is that the "ZOMG BUT I WaNT 1 NAO!!!11!!!1!one!eleventy" crowd still answer the call to this, and the sellers on ebay will still make a profit.
    It seems that while you can do plenty to educate, there are still those who don't want to know, they just want.

      Alot of us on whirlpool have used a shipping service or priceusa to order directly from google. Whilst a bit more expensive then if google were to ship it here. Still a bargain considering the hardware. I paid $670 and I can't wait!!

        That's just it though - you're not ordering from the people who are simply trying to take advantage. Ordering from Google, though by proxy, is still the right way to go.

        hmmm... time to ditch this never-to-be-given-a-firmware-update hero crap and look into your info mate!

    It is a lot of money but it's less than what you'd pay for an iphone once you add up the total cost of a contract (unless you make A LOT of phone calls).

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