Next G Phones Carry Winter Olympics, For A Fee

Next G Phones Carry Winter Olympics, For A Fee

The latest in our growing list of sports on your phone options: Telstra customers will be able to view live Winter Olympics coverage on Next G phones next month. Unsurprisingly, it won’t be free.

I say “unsurprisingly” because the Olympic movement always seeks huge sums (even by sporting standards) for broadcast rights, which inevitably get passed on. Telstra will offer the four streaming channels being created for Foxtel for its phone coverage, charging $3.95 for a day pass or $9.95 for a subscription that runs through until March 1. (The games begin on February 13.) Anyone who has coughed up for an Ultimate Combo or Sports Pack on their phone gets the service for free.

Actually, that makes me wonder: has anyone ever gone for the overpriced day pass option rather than the slightly less overpriced longer subscription? Tell us why in the comments.


  • no need to sub thru Telstra’s Nextg. Thru any provider on most any phone (N95/iPhone, etc) if you have a Slingbox, LocationFree or Hava Monsoon connected to your paytv box at home.
    All you pay is your Foxtel/Austar sub and broadband fee e.g. $20/1 gig on Three per month. Thats about 8hrs.

    • That’s true, but then you need to have Foxtel, pay for the olympics coverage ($50!!), leave the Foxtel box switched to the station you want, arrange for a generous data pack, then hope both your home ISP *and* your mobile network maintain enough throughput to get you the signal.

      All this to avoid paying telstra $10 for the same thing?????????

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