Make A Portable Projector Screen For Less Than 10 Bucks

Make A Portable Projector Screen For Less Than 10 Bucks

If you find yourself always tearing the wrinkled sheets off your bed to use as a makeshift projector screen, it’s time to upgrade. Make this portable screen on the cheap that stashes away in a closet ’til the next time you need it.

The DIY portable projector screen project over at Instructables can be whipped together in about an hour, and costs next to nothing to assemble. All you need is a white sheet, some eyelets, a few screw-in hooks and about 3.6 metres of PVC pipe.

There’s only five steps involved in making the screen:

1. Decide what size you want. Mine is 5 feet wide by 6 feet tall.

2. Cut and sew the top and sides. Leave a couple inches extra on each side so you can fold it over and sew a seam.

3. Insert eyelets. One on each side of the top.

4. Sew in PVC pipe. This is to make it hang flat and straight, and to make it easy to roll up and store. Just fold the bottom over the PVC, crease the sheet, take out the pipe and sew all the way across. Then slide the pipe in and sew the sides shut.

5. Put the hooks in your ceiling. I put some in my living room, my bedroom, and another bedroom. They’re hardly noticeable so I just leave them up there all the time.

Using a bedsheet for this project is a super-inexpensive way to get the job done. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could cut the length of PVC pipe in half before sewing it into the sheet – then you can fold it in half before storing it. One of Instructable’s commenters also suggests adding a second piece of PVC pipe to the top edge for added stability, and to make sure the screen hangs straight.

How would you tweak this project to make it easier, or to make the screen even more user-friendly? Brainstorm in the comments.

Cheap Portable Projector Screen


  • if your paying the money for a projector ….. chances are you have the money for a proper screen …. if you dont ….. dont buy a projector!

    if its portability your worried about …. i’d much rather have a roll down screen attached to my roof than two out of place hooks

  • If you want a fixed screen mounted on your wall heres the solution i used.
    Go to the art shop. Buy a 120″ piece of white foam core board. (quite cheap)
    Take it home without denting it (they dent easily)
    Measure the size of your projected image and cut the foamcore to match.
    Mount it on the wall using velcro adhesive tape.

    The great thing is, when mounted on a white wall, it’s hardly noticeable, but the image projected onto it looks 10 times better.

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