Lift Weights 10 Minutes A Day, 3 Days A Week To Lose Belly Fat

Even if you don't care about having six-pack abs, studies show excess belly fat is unhealthy. Turns out just 30 minutes of weight lifting a week can make a big difference.

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Men's Fitness offers 101 ways to get rid of a flabby gut and trim down your middle. Many of the tips are things we've all heard before — like cut back on fatty foods and eat more fibre, but there's lots of cool ideas that aren't so obvious. For instance, did you know that a cardio workout you do after lifting weights will have a greater impact than if you do it before lifting?

Speaking of weightlifting, you don't have to power through 500 reps for an hour every day day to get results:

If you're lazy, it's not as bad as you think—just 10 minutes a day of lifting, three days a week, will help. Harvard research shows that 30 minutes of weight training per week has a greater reduction on waist size than almost any other variable.

Hit up the post for more ideas on how to blast belly fat and get svelte. Of course the tips will work for women and men so, ladies, we have no excuses for not heading over and grabbing some tips for ourselves.

Have you trimmed inches or pounds off your waistline? What exercise and diet tips worked for you? Let us know in the comments. Thanks Brian!

101 Ways to Lose Your Gut [Men's Fitness]


    I always found that Running works well.. that and weight training, I do a combination of Walking, Running, Weight Training, Boxing, and Circuit cardio.
    They all bring on the feel good endorphins that make any negative thoughts go away.
    I recommend exercise to anyone that suffers depression or anything like that.
    I also think that big meals at the beggining of the day through to smaller meals at night are probably the best way to cut down stomache fat..
    just keep off the carbs at night (as much as possible)

    Doing some simple weights are a great way to lose weight, and the best part is enable you to maintain an eating lifestyle that isn't torture. Basically doing weights will help the body burn more calories not only when you are doing them but all the time (provided you are doing it regularly).

    It should be noted that diet plays a massive part, but you don't have to feel hungry when you are on a diet. I am traveling for work at the moment so eating out, i had bacon/eggs/sausage for breakfast yesterday, chicken salad, and a steak, 3 protien shakes and 3 chocolates ... not a bad day for someone on a diet.

    My advice to anyone wanting to lose weight, start reading change the easy stuff in your current meal plan, put aside a little time for some basics weights or interval training and you will be impressed with the change, and the best part is that after the first month the next 6 will probably see the biggest fat loss and muscle gain you will ever get training!

    ill put the disclaimer right here for those who only read this post and dont investigate further. you cant targe't weight loss to a certain reigon.

    in other words lifting weights 10 minutes a day 3 days a week will help you lose fat. not belly fat, just all fat in general. you will lose it from your face, arms, legs, about everywhere except your chest first. the belly fat will always be the last to go. you gotta keep that in mind otherwise a lot of weight lifting and no results around the waist will seem pretty depressing.

    for example, 6 months ago i was 113kg, i have now lost about 20 kilo(i am down to 93kg) according to my BMI i still have about 7kg left to lose, and almost all of my remaining weight is still on my waist. so for almost 5 months the scales said i was losing weight but my stomach fat didnt move an inch.

    also on the fitness topic, cardo is the most effective means to this goal. becuase getting your heart rate up burns a lot of energy and your heartrate will stay high after you finish for some time after so even though your done excesising your still burning energy.

    weight lifiting sheds fat a differant way. its not so much the act of weight lifting but the muscle you build as a result. to keep your body running all day takes a certain amount of energy, building muscle increases that constant amount required becuase even when those muscles are not in use they still burn energy.

    to use an analogy you have a power plant on a gird with houses. to burn more energy you can turn on every light in every house(cardio) thats instant but only happens when you take the effort to turn all the lights on. or you can build more houses(weights) which takes longer but will constantly drain energy once its built.

      Like that last analogy.. That should make sense to some people that didn't understand it before.
      Good wording :D

    Losing weight is dead simple:
    To lose weight - eat less.
    To live longer - exercise more.

    Cut out sugar and alcohol is the best thing Ive learned to get rid of my belly fat. As a stripper, this is super important for me.


    Excellent on depression and night carbs. Exercise helps me keep my head screwed atop my shoulders.

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