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You wanted shoe-tying advice, you wanted Google Wave tips and you wanted more cheese. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Google Wave Extension Gallery On Its Way
    Whatever claims you might make about Google Wave and its potential, ease of use would not be high on the list right now. Wave becomes much more straightforward once you start incorporating extensions for common tasks, and a forthcoming extension gallery will make those a lot easier to find and add
  • Ditch The Granny Knot To Tie Your Shoes More Efficiently The difference between shoes tied with a balanced, neat, and self-tightening knot versus those tied with an unbalanced, sloppy, and loose knot, is all in how you make your first loop.
  • Firefox 3.6 Officially Available For Download (Windows/Mac/Linux) Windows/Mac/Linux: The oft-delayed but much improved 3.6 version of Firefox has landed, offering up faster performance, one-click themes, safer add-ons and plug-ins, better font handling, and a lot more. Grab it now.
  • The Pros And Cons Of Airline DVD Players
    Offering a DVD player to passengers is an increasingly common means of entertaining passengers on medium and long-haul trips. How well does it work in practice? Road Worrier finds out on a trans-Pacific crossing.
  • Build A Wall-Mounted Kitchen Computer If you've been dreaming of having a computer in your kitchen but don't like the idea of hanging it from a cabinet or having it clutter up the counter, this guide can help you build a sleek in-wall computer.
  • BumpTop Mac Makes Your Desktop A 3D Entity (Mac OS X) Mac OS X: Like its Windows 7 counterpart, the BumpTop desktop replacement arrives on OS X with all kinds of ways of manipulating and organizing files, folders, images, and applications. It also integrates with the Mac's own window-handling tools.
  • Be Alert For EFTPOS Skimmers
    You probably look twice at any ATM to check for skimmers — the external devices designed to steal your card data — but NSW police are warning that criminals are now attaching skimmers to the EFTPOS terminals used in stores as well
  • How To Put Your PC To Good Use While You're Sleeping The great part about your computer is that — unlike you — it doesn’t require any sleep. Take advantage of your PC’s insomnia by automating time- and processor-intensive tasks while you’re counting sheep.
  • Circle Dock Arranges Your Shortcuts In A Mouse-Centered Application Dock (Windows) Windows: Sure you could use the start menu or even install an application launcher like Launchy but you'd be missing out on the rotating eye candy and application management of Circle Dock.
  • Cheese Isn’t Very Vegetarian Or Healthy
    For airlines around the world, “vegetarian meal” usually equates to “melt some cheese and vegetables together”. Cheese often plays a significant role in vegetarian diets, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a sensible option, especially if there’s an ethical base to your choice to forego meat.
  • Lift Weights 10 Minutes A Day, 3 Days A Week To Lose Belly Fat Even if you don't care about having six-pack abs, studies show excess belly fat is unhealthy. Turns out just 30 minutes of weight lifting a week can make a big difference.
  • Avast Free Antivirus 5.0 Adds Behaviour Monitor, Heuristics Engine (Windows) Windows only: The newest version of the popular Avast Antivirus is finally available for download. It's lighter, faster, and more feature-filled than ever, bringing a new behaviour shield, heuristics engine, and code emulator to keep you protected at all times.
  • Google Wave Versus The Rest, Feature By Feature We got a great response to last week's frequently asked questions about Google Wave, and decided it's worth expanding further on the differences between Wave and the current crop of web-based collaboration offerings.
  • SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Handles Spyware Like A Champ (Windows) Windows only: Spyware removal tool SUPERAntiSpyware has finally released an official portable version of their application, and, just like the installed version, it easily removes most infections on your PC in a single swipe.
  • Top 10 Clever Kitchen Repurposing Tricks It's all too easy to spend hard-earned money on unitasking kitchen gadgets that aren't all that helpful in the long run. Use the gear you already own, and some cheap household staples, to make your kitchen a better place.
  • GoogleSharing Anonymises Your Google Experience (All Platforms with Firefox) Firefox: Google offers a host of really awesome services, but more than a few people are freaked out by how much information Google can gather. GoogleSharing anonymises your Google activities and keeps the big G out of your business.
  • Create Your "Undesktop" For Distraction-Free Productivity If you really want to get down to business and get things done, you need to create an environment conducive to productivity. I do it by eliminating everything that might distract me from accomplishing what I want.
  • Evernote 3.5 For Windows Released, Introduces Better Interface (Windows) Windows: Evernote's desktop software does a good job at clipping screenshots, scribblings, and as-you-think text into your cloud-connected second brain, but didn't look so hot doing it. Evernote 3.5 upgrades the note views, and also improves your search powers.
  • Learn Proper Sushi Etiquette to Make a Good Impression Like many aspects of Japanese culture, there's a certain etiquette to eating sushi. Take the time to peruse these helpful tips so you can make the best impression on your sushi chef or dining companions the next time you're downing some maki.
  • Opera 10.5 Beta Adds Private Browsing And Excellent Windows 7 Integration (Windows/Mac/Linux) Windows only: The latest beta version of the Opera browser adds total Windows 7 integration, with Jump Lists, Aero Peek, and a beautiful Aero Glass interface-and we've got a quick tour of all the new features.
  • Build A Lego Router We love the Linksys WRT54GL router for its extreme hackability, so we couldn't help but appreciate this fun WRT54GL Lego mod.
  • Firebug 1.5 Updates With New Features, Still A Developer's Dream (All Platforms with Firefox) Firefox only: If you're a web developer, there's one Firefox extension that you should without question be using, and that's Firebug. The extensive web development toolbox just updated to version 1.5, bringing with it several great new features and fixes.
  • Boot Camp Updates To 3.1 With Windows 7 Compatibility (Mac OS X) Mac OS X only: If you own Mac hardware, still like to get your Windows on from time to time, and virtual machines just won't do, here's some good news: Apple just released Boot Camp 3.1, adding support for Windows 7.


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