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You wanted DVD ripping expertise and you wanted more Next G data for your money. Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Telstra Increases Next G Data Plan Limits
    When Telstra upped its download limits on home ADSL plans last November, we couldn’t help thinking that a change in its Next G wireless broadband options would be even more welcome. Remarkably, it has gone and done just that.
  • Five Best DVD-Ripping Tools You pay good money for your DVDs, but they're hardly the only format you need these days. These five ripping tools ensure you can back them up, keep them on your media server, and load them on your favourite portable player.
  • ChromiumOS Zero Boots Faster, Offers Automatic Updates Chromium OS, the open source build of Google's upcoming web-focused netbook system, was made into a thumb-drive-friendly build early on by a helpful hacker named Hexxeh. His latest build, ChromiumOS Zero, adds Chrome extension support, speed boosts, and other goodies.
  • Why Censorship Is Unlikely To Stop With RC Content
    Free speech means accepting that stuff will be said that you disagree with, but there's plenty of people who spend their lives complaining about viewpoints or media they don’t like. What will those people start doing when Internet content can be blocked via a mandatory censorship scheme?
  • Your Passwords Aren't As Secure As You Think If you allow applications to save your passwords, anyone with physical access to your PC can decode them unless you're properly encrypting them-and chances are pretty good you're not. Let's walk through the right and wrong ways to store your passwords.
  • Strata40 Gives Firefox The 4.0 Look Ahead Of Schedule (Windows/Linux with Firefox) Late last month, a Mozilla contributor showed us how Firefox 4.0 might look. The Strata40 theme and add-on gives your browser that same look, without having to wait or install pre-pre-alpha Firefox builds.
  • Questions To Ask Before Buying Mobile Broadband
    3G broadband is more popular than ever, but it’s easy to spend a large amount of money and not get the service you need. If you’re in the market for broadband, here’s some basic issues to consider.
  • The Definitive Guide To Making the Most of Your Netbook Netbooks are a great compromise between pecking away a smartphone keyboard or hauling a tank-size laptop around-but they aren't without shortcomings. Make the most of your netbook with these netbook-friendly tips, tricks, and applications.
  • Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate 1 Officially Available For Download (Windows/Mac/Linux) Mozilla just pushed out the first release candidate for the upcoming Firefox 3.6. Early adopters, start your downloads.
  • Would You Pay For A Newspaper Online?
    Publishers like Rupert Murdoch see the future of newspapers as charging for content online, but a recent study suggests most Australians aren’t prepared to cough up.
  • Android 2.1's Best Features In Screenshots The new Nexus One is a sleek, awesome handset, but the most important ingredient in touchscreen smartphones is software. The screen is just a canvas that software paints on, and Android 2.1 is a work of art.
  • Install PHProxy In Your Web Space To Access Blocked Sites Got some web space you rent for a personal site? Good, then you can likely get around any restrictions your employer, school, or other eye-shielding authority have wrongly put in your way with a quick PHProxy installation.
  • Make the Most Of Chrome With These 13 Excellent Extensions Shortly after Google Chrome's Extensions gallery opened, we rounded up 18 worthy downloads. Now that Chrome's official add-on market has matured a bit, we've dug up more productive, annoyance-fixing, feature-adding extensions that you should consider adding to your collection.
  • RGB MusicLab Turns Photos Into Music (Windows/Mac) If you've ever wondered what a photo would sound like converted to music, free application RGB MusicLab aims to help you find out—sans the LSD.
  • WebMii Shows You How The Web Sees You These days performing a vanity search of your own name isn't just about vanity, it's good to know how future employers and dates that Google-stalk you will see you. WebMii can help you get a picture of your online image.
  • Foobar2000 1.0 Released With Nicer Layout, Support For Windows Media (Windows) Freeware audio player foobar2000 has a big new 1.0 release under its belt, sporting a bunch of new features and improvements. If you're looking for a lightweight media player that's highly customisable, then foobar2000 deserves a look.
  • Internet Survival Guide For Travelling Where Privacy Isn't Respected On Tuesday, Google responded to cyber attacks aimed at Chinese human-rights activists by ending search-result censorship in China. An anonymous reader with experience living where privacy isn't respected writes in with tips for keeping your data safe in these situations.
  • TimeGT is a Method-Agnostic Time Management App for the Masses (Windows/Mac/Linux) When it comes to time management methods, some love David Allen's Getting Things Done approach while others swear by Stephen Covey's First Things First philosophy. Whichever you prefer, TimeGT aims to keep you on track and on target.
  • How Do I Automatically Shut Down My Computer At A Certain Time? Dear Lifehacker, I like to watch TV on my computer at night but sometimes I fall asleep before the program ends. How can I set my computer to shut down at a certain time or after it finishes specific events?
  • TotalFinder Adds Tabs, Hotkeys And Other Tweaks To OS X's Finder (Mac OS X) Many users have been unhappy with OS X's Finder for a while, wishing for tabs, fixes for hidden file annoyances, and other conveniences. TotalFinder is a plug-in containing all this and more, creating a Finder worthy of a power user.


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