justpaste.it Lets You Share Text Online

Want to share some words with a bunch of people in a hurry? justpaste.it lets you paste in text, apply some simple formatting, then publish it for the world to see.

The text editor for the service is basic but adequate (including the ability to embed images), and you can hand-tweak HTML code if you're so inclined. You can give your page a fixed name if you like; if not, it gets a URL-shortening-style address.

This application's far from the only way you could achieve this kind of goal (Google Docs springs immediately to mind), but for a speedy way of placing some text at a fixed address, it's pretty handy. There's no registration required, which also means that there's no obvious way of identifying a document's originator other than cookies or IP address checking. Hence while there's an option to edit your existing notes, it's better thought of as a quick publishing solution than a collaboration system.



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