IBM Seer Adds Augmented Reality To Australian Open

We've seen free broadcasting of sports to mobile phones (the forthcoming FIFA 2010). We've seen iPhone-specific apps for watching sports on mobile phones (Cricket Live). And now we've seen an Android-specific augmented reality app for the Australian Open tennis tournament.

The IBM Seer application (first deployed at Wimbledon 2009) offers the expected information on tournament times and match schedules, but users actually on site at the Melbourne Park venue can use their phone's location abilities to offer a real-time map of matches, food outlets and other useful information. Point the phone's camera at a given court and it will provide information on the match currently being played. Check out the slightly cheesy video for more on the application.

IBM Seer is a free download, available in the Android marketplace.


    This video is nothing about AR

      I concur with Craig Morris, where is the AR in this article?

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