Greenpeace Rankings Show Greenest Gadget Companies

When you're buying a new gadget, chances are you're more concerned about its feature set than the way it has been manufactured. If you do want to bring a greener slant to your purchases, Greenpeace's Guide To Greener Electronics is a sensible place to start.

The Greenpeace rankings, which are updated every three months, consider a range of factors, including the use of toxic chemicals and the extent of takeback programs for unwanted equipment. In the most recent rankings, unveiled at CES last week, the best-rated companies are Nokia and Sony Ericsson, while Apple has improved its performance. Nintendo, on the other hand, doesn't do so well (and is notable for a "no comment" approach to many aspects of its environmental policy).

Do you consider environmental issues when buying tech? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments.

Guide To Greener Electronics [via APC]


    Interesting that some of the companies who often get the most press for being 'green' don't score too well (I'm think Dell and HP).

    This list also misses some good news coming out of some of the companies, like Apple's decision to quit the Chamber of Commerce.

    In general, given the choice between two identical items I would definetly buy the 'greener'.
    I try to weigh up the green credentials with whether or not I will actually be satisfied with the product. No use buying the 'green' product if you arent going to use it or are going to have to replace it anyway.

    I just bought a Wii, and Mum a DS Lite. Great.

      Nintendo's big crime is ignoring Greenpeace's request for data for this report.

      Greenpeace says it's a legitimate way to push for more companies to publish their green credentials (or lack thereof). But IMO it's a bit misleading to give them a score of 0 on this scale when it doesn't correlate with the environmental impact of buying a Wii or DS at all.

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