Google Nexus One Support Under Fire

Google Nexus One Support Under Fire

It might suck that Google’s Nexus One phone isn’t being sold to Australia, but there’s an upside of sorts: where the phone is available, customers are finding Google’s email-based support for the device a little lacking.

BBC News trawled through Google’s support forums for the Nexus One and found numerous complaints about the phone. Google is using forums and email to support the phone, which has left many consumers unsure about what prices are being charged, how to get particular services to work or the lack of consistent 3G performance. Others have tried calling HTC (which makes the hardware) or T-Mobile (which offers the phone on a subsidised plan) and been subjected to endless bouts of telephone tag and inconsistent information.

Google is not the first company to primarily rely on email for support, or to respond very slowly to questions. However, the fact that so far many questions haven’t got even a token answer from support suggests that it underestimated the resources needed to back up its move into the hardware market. And the BBC article sums it up pretty neatly:

A common sentiment on the support forum was that for the $500 people have paid for the phone they should be able to call a dedicated help line.

Complaints greet Google Nexus One phone [BBC News]


  • Google don’t do customer support. Period. Their “help” forums should be renamed to “self-help” forums because they don’t employ anyone to monitor them. On the rare occasions that a google employee does participate in the forums, it seems to be out of the goodness of their own heart, rather than because it is their job.

    A few months ago a large number of Android phone owners were affected by a problem that prevented them from downloading apps that they had purchased. There were a couple of hot threads about this on google’s forums. Eventually an employee showed up, asked a couple of questions, then disappeared. A few weeks later, an Android update quietly appeared in the relevant channels. The update appeared to fix the problem, but there was no mention of this in the changelog and there was certainly no follow-up post in the forums.

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