Four Airlines In One Day Revisited


    Angus, any chance getting vision of the interview ? @ 7:15 was snoring my nut off in bed.

      I'm working on it . . . the lack of conversion equipment (tx to Project Cleanup) is the issue right now!

    Now I remember why I don't watch commercial TV.. That was painful to watch - not because of the interviewee but because of the interviewer. That guy needs to get a personality and follow the dialogue instead of just reading pretty random questions. Does he even know how airPORT security works?

    Good interview Angus, thanks for posting it. Right at the end, the interviewer said "You get what you pay for, that's why I'm filling in for today!"

    What you said about parents should talk to their kids. Seen the same thing myself before so many times.

    @Daniel. The interviewer was originally a child actor many moons and sunrises ago, he did say he was a fill in.

    Nice work Angus, thought this was a great read the first time around. Good too see its getting noticed.

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