Flexamail Helps You Social Network, Browse From Behind A Firewall

Flexamail Helps You Social Network, Browse From Behind A Firewall

If you’re bent on updating your social network status or checking out a new website, firewalls be damned, Flexamail can help you update your accounts and receive websites via email.

Rather than engage in a complicated game of cat and mouse involving proxies, tunneling and other manoeuvres, Flexamail goes for an out-in-the-open approach to helping you update your social networks when the corporate firewall you’re behind won’t allow you to access the actual sites — email. The chances of email being blocked at your workplace are extremely slim, so you’ll always have a way to sneak out status changes, pictures and other updates through the Flexamail server. If you’re not as interested in social networking as you are in just getting access to sites from behind a firewall, you can also use Flexamail to serve up sites via email.

You sign up for an account, register an email with Flexamail, and then begin accessing the internet through your Flexamail account by sending commands to Flexamail by using special email addresses and subject line commands. Check out the service in action by watching the video below:

Check out the full site for additional information, including more video guides here and a how-it-works guide here. Have your own favourite way of getting your fix of the wide-open-internet behind a firewall? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

Flexamail [via Devil’s Workshop]

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