Facebook Adds Comment Reply By Email

Frequent Facebook users get a handful of emails from the social networking service every day alerting them of new comments, but replying to these comments always required clicking over to Facebook — until now. Facebook users can now respond directly to comments via email. Handy — especially for folks whose workplaces block the 'book. [Facebook Blog]


    Most... useful... feature... EVER!

    I would like to see two features very soon a dislike option and an anonymous comment function, where friends (friends only) can anonymously leave a comment. Sometimes people need to be told that no one cares take there cat had a bad day etc etc

      Or just remove them as a friend/unsubscribe from their updates

    This is great and very useful; I just wish the notifications would tell you which post the comment comes from - just a short quote or title of the original thing. Sometimes I can't remember and it's frustrating.

    Just used this and love it already!

    Facebook helps us to be connected with the people of all over the world. I just love it. All the features of this social network are really good and useful. But sometimes some bad people are misusing Facebook by hacking profile and making fake profile and also making pornography. So Facebook authority should give attention to these things and should take proper steps.

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