Dotz Cord Organisers Keep Your Cords Tidy And Labelled

Dotz Cord Organisers are like evolved zip ties. They're reusable, colour-coded, label-able, but they'll still organise your cords like nobody's business.

There's not much else to say. They're a similar solution to the basic zip tie as these velcro ties we're also big fans of. I'd actually prefer zip ties to velcro straps if the zip ties were reusable, so that makes the Dotz organisers pretty attractive to this editor.

An 8-tie, 36-label set of Dotz will set you back $US10 at Amazon, but you can probably find them cheaper at your local home hardware store. Ever used them yourself? Tell us how you liked them in the comments.

Dotz Cord Organizers [Amazon via Unpluggd]


    You can buy at Howards Storage World Australia

    AMAZING! I was wandering around officeworks (an Aussie stationary and office supplies supermarket) and was looking for something exactly like this.. I was seriously considering inventing them myself if I didn't find them.

    Please make bigger packets and longer cords!! SO MANY CORDS TO STRAP!!

      Also, a packet of 6 was $3 from Officeworks

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