DIY Folding Table Saves Space, Doubles As Picture Frame

Don't have a lot of space for a kitchen table but would love the option of a sit-down meal from time to time? This clever picture table design is a beautiful solution — and one you could certainly do yourself.

From the folks at Ivy Design, the picture table folds down when you need it, and when you don't, it folds unobtrusively up to the wall, doubling as a picture frame. They don't offer any specific schematics (they're selling their design), but it seems like something you could figure out for your own space easily enough. The folks at DIY blog Make even highlight a similar design from a DIY furniture book from the 70's.

Either way, it's a clever idea, and could be very handy in a cramped space.

Picture Table [Ivy Design via Make]


    I'd gladly pay for the design if I could find it. Any ideas?


      I went to Ivy there is a manual, which lists and shows diagrams of the table..if you are handy or know how to use tools, it would be easy to make....Of course there is also a ready made table that costs over $1,000...The entire project would be easy to make, if you have the tools and know how..

    it's a idea from a designer in the netherlands

    There is a similar ikea table that you might be able to recreate this with.

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