Ditch The Granny Knot To Tie Your Shoes More Efficiently

The difference between shoes tied with a balanced, neat and self-tightening knot versus those tied with an unbalanced, sloppy and loose knot, is all in how you make your first loop.

Over at Runner's World they've put together an instructional video to go along with an informative article on the difference between Granny Knots and Reef Knots. Well tied shoes are important to runners, but anyone can benefit from the simple change in knot tying-methodology outlined in the video below:

By simply altering the direction of the first loop you make when tying your shoes you can produce a neater knot that is less prone to coming untied. Have a bit of knot tying lore to share? Let's hear about it in the comments.

Fit to be Tied [Runner's World]


    For laces that even struggle to hold a knot like that, try looping around twice. Much better than a "double" knot as it is much easier to undo, and will hold just as well.

    Wow. Im 34 and I guess Im still learning to tie my shoelaces.

    An interesting exercise: get a bunch of people with runners and ask them to demonstrate how they tie their shoes- you will get a bunch of different methods if you get a few different age groups!

    My friend showed me how to do it by only holding each string once. Much more efficient.

    When I was an Instructor at Outward Bound Australia I was taught to tie a surgeons knot. Never stopped using it and have never had a shoe lace come undone!!

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