Data Charges Main Cause Of Mobile Bill Shock

There's nothing quite like that sinking feeling when you open up your mobile phone bill and it's far higher than expected. One survey suggests that over-the-top data charges are a major cause of that problem.

As smart phones become more common, it's inevitable that people will use their phones more for data applications, but unless you carefully research your plan, it's easy to get stuck with excess charges. A survey of 1,000 Australians commissioned by Acision found that 71% had experienced bill shock and — in a figure we can't help but see as related — 75% didn't know the exact mobile data costs for their phone were. Of that small handful who did know what the charges were, 87% thought they were too high. (Acision sells software to calculate consumer charges to telecommunications companies.)

While mobile cap plans have become a popular way of controlling spending on voice calls and text messages, few of these plans offer comparable options for data savings, and virtually none make it easy to save money when overseas. The bottom line? If you urgently need Internet access, hunting for some free Wi-Fi should always be the first step.


    Before I went to the States last month, I set my phone up for Vodafone Traveller so that I only had to pay one fixed price for making and receiving calls with my Australian handset. I still came home to a $368 bill for what was mostly receiving calls.

    It's high time telcos started including data/roaming charges in their plans/contracts, even if it means I have to fork out a little bit more each month.

    *Shakes fist at 3*
    Curse you and your STUPID roaming charges!

    The only way the Telco's are going to survive in the long term is by becoming ISPs only. Then we get some real competition. The only way this will stop is the govt. protecting them. They are making huge amounts of money for a service and associated equiment that is no longer needed. Use skype roaming its far better even in call quality.

    I mentioned this bwfore but worth mentioning again. I had a data deal with virgin of 500mb for $15. When I got a faster browser on my phone I inadvertently went over with a bill of several $100 for abt 100mb excess. Thw excess fees had been advertised as cents per kb. But, aa someone on whirlpool pointed out, it worked out as $15,000 per gb: the price of a small car. Virgin eventually waived the fee but only after a lot ofcalls and phonw restrictions for a month.

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