Create A Wait Time File For On-Hold Reading And Shredding

Create A Wait Time File For On-Hold Reading And Shredding

Paperwork refuses to get the memo that it’s a digital age, continuing to spread like moss across too many computer workers’ desks. Create a “Wait Time File” in just the right spot to decimate your space-hogging files and memos.

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The Hermes Technologies Ltd blog asked a number of productivity and organisation-minded writers and bloggers about their most important productivity message to readers for 2010. They received responses from many of the names you might recognise from our links, including David Seah, Scott Young and Kelly Sutton from Hack College. What caught our eye, however, was a two-in-one paper-sorting combo recommended by Terry Prince:

Designate an official “paper” mail sorting area. Always sort your “paper” mail over a recycle bin, trash bin and shredder.
Create and use a Wait Time File to hold short duration reading material. Keep it near your telephone for when you are put on hold. Bringing the Wait Time File with you when you are waiting for an appointment or when travelling.

Do those things in concert – keep your Wait Time File right near your bins and shredder, and you’re bound to deal with a lot less pile-up this year.

The whole post is worth a read for pick-up tips like that, as well as more big-picture productivity thinking.

8 productivity experts give their productivity messages for 2010 [Hermes Technologies Ltd.]


  • My only problem with the Wait Time file method is that it still means I’m carrying that paper with me, on the off-chance I’ll get time to read it.

    Additionally, and inconveniently, I’ll still need to carry that around after I’ve read it until I’m back in the office and near the shredder bin.

    Ultimately, the solution to paperwork for each person will vary based on individual preferences, and I’m still holding my breath for a digital solution.

    Maybe the Apple tablet will be what I’m looking for…

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