Create A New Text File In Finder With One Click

Mac only: One convenient Windows feature missing in OS X is the ability to quickly create a new text file in the current folder. By simply dragging a small Applescript-turned-application to Finder's toolbar, this dream quickly becomes reality.

There are any number of reasons you'd need a quick text file in the working folder — if you're working with icons, testing a new file-based tweak, or just need to make an immediate note — the context menu solution Windows implements is much faster than opening up TextEdit and navigating to the directory to save it. Luckily, this Applescript is an easy solution. Just unzip the file and save the application somewhere on your computer (it doesn't really matter where, but just make sure you don't delete it by accident later), and then drag it up into Finder's toolbar where you want it. Next time you want to create a new text file in the current folder, all you need to do is click your newly-created Finder button — simple as that. [via DownloadSquad]


    Are they chrome tabs on a Finder window???

    Actually yeh, that's a feature I want to try out. How do you get those Chrome tabs?

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