comGateway Allows Consolidated US Shopping

comGateway Allows Consolidated US Shopping

It’s a familiar issue: you’ve spotted something you like in an online store, but the site won’t ship to non-US addresses or charges an absolute king’s ransom to do so. comGateway gives you a US address you can use, the ability to pay if the site can’t process Australian credit cards, and the option to combine deliveries back to your home to cut shipping charges.

comGateway uses an address in Oregon (which doesn’t charge sales tax, making it cheaper than other US locations) which registered customers can specify as their shipping address. Of course, those various options don’t come for free: there’s a 10% surcharge if you can’t pay directly, and a $US1 per package charge if you consolidate more than three items.

The really big factor to consider is the shipping charge: a minimum of $US30.50 for the first 500 grams, and an additional $US4.10 for each half-kilo after that. For many vendors (such as Amazon for books or DVDs), that’s pretty high, but it rates better than some sites.

Whether this kind of option makes sense might require careful calculation, but it’s a useful option to have in reserve. For similar services, check out previously mentioned Price USA and WorldPurchases.



    • I used to use carriemyshopping but her service was shocking and on one occasion she charged me for somebody else’s package which at the time I thought was mine. She never refunded my money! I cut my losses and I now use comGateway. I haven’t had any issues to date. Shipping is very fast. I usually get my packages within 5 business days. I also like how you can monitor what packages have arrived.

  • Not sure who Elle is I have no customer by that name nor have I ever sent a package to incorrect person! Please Elle give me the example before slandering someones business!

  • is sucks. If they can’t add name they should write in they F&Q. My brother use my account. After package in account they closed my account.

    And i contact them via live chat. Costumer service “Ash” agree to shipped but must pay via paypal. Then after 2 days, the parcel hasn’t shipped and no information anything. They want shipped back to merchant, ok no problem i said it was friday 23 april 2010. Then 27 april 2010 thuesday i contact them again and asking about tracking number and this time i chat with costumer service andrea.

    He said the parcel has shipped back since 20 april 2010. What the f**k so they shipped back and never told me before i askung shipped back? I said ok no problem. And i want tracking number and i want ask the merchant sent to another address but in that day andrea can’t give me tracking number because the shipping currier USPS close on tuesday (do you believe usps close) since 20 april until 27 april don’t have tracking?

    And andrea said tommorow will email me the tracking number. But until today 1 may i never recieved any email from them. My item CAMERA Canon Eos 50D. After i searching2 on google there some people had this problem like this with this COMGATEWAY SCAM singapore drop ship.

    If your parcel is cheap, they will let your parcel shipped. If expensive, they want your parcel.

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